Water Sterilization Station
We are a contracting, importing and executing Establishment, founded in Aleppo since 1984, classified in the superior-class, and has the right to undertake works of all fields, whatsoever their financial values are.
As well, we represent several European and Asian companies specified in electrical and mechanical equipments, hospital and irrigation equipments, water treatment stations, industrial constructions and civil buildings.
Our work, fundamentally, is based on contracts, agencies for electrical and mechanical manufacturing companies and tenders which constitute an integral part of our works in Syria, under the supervision of the General Manager, Mr. M. Ghassan AlNahhas, with the cooperation of L.E.N.K.E.R. GmbH - Germany, L.E.N.K.E.R. - Canada and our other branch companies; who submit the external tenders, and follow up the business with all European countries in general,.........
Through the years, the Establishment has expanded; our branch offices have spread over in all Syrian cities. In addition to our offices in Beirut (LEBANON), Amman (JORDAN), and our branch–company in Frankfurt (GERMANY) named L.E.N.K.E.R. GmbH, besides to our branches in Montreal (CANADA) L.E.N.K.E.R., Shanghai (CHINA) also in Athens (GREECE).
Our Establishment is supported by experienced team of engineers, technicians and workers available at the project locations. We started in 1984 with /3/ personnel, and by the rapidly grow of our projects our staff number has increased to more than (250), this beside to our personnel in the administrative locations.
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